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Exceptional functionality, care and detail. After all, even outdoors, details are important.

About Outdoor

Nature generally takes its time.‎ Let’s take our own together.‎ The assortment ‘Open air’ is intended to stand the trial of time.‎ Made with materials ideal for living outside.‎ Iroko wood.‎ Stainless steel and porcelain stoneware.‎ Natural stone.‎Weatherproof cooking technology.‎ ‘Outdoor’ is expected to be last over time.‎ Important details: Iroko wood is warm and encompassing.‎ Ideal for the outdoor use.‎ The stainless steel body of the elements guarantees a long life.‎ The stone and porcelain stoneware are the creative touch.‎ And during the roughest weather, a dedicated covering protects the beauty and the neatness of our ‘Outdoor’.‎ In fact, the environment of this collection is already a special one.‎ Outdoor cooking has always been a very sought experience.‎ Even more, when cooking with ‘Outdoor’ by Aster.‎ Extreme functionality, care and details.‎ Because even outdoor, the detail is important.‎

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