Mia kitchen

Design by Carlo Cracco

An outstanding home interpretation of professional cuisine.

About Mia

A two-year collaboration between Scavolini and a famous Michelin-starred chef resulted in MIA, a unique project that brings the features of a great kitchen to your home. The key word is professionalism. Many ingredients have come together to create this delicious, comfortable, individual kitchen space in which you can improve your culinary skills: exclusive handle design, new finishes to choose from (decorative Pinstripe Oak melamine, dark steel, Stopsol and Biomalta glass), a stunning Line System that allows you to functionally and refine your kitchen. But above all, a new element of modularity that allows you to expand the capabilities of base and wall cabinets. Even the appliances supplied (including the vacuum drawer with the new pickling function and the lamp for warming up food) reinforce the desire and love of cooking hidden in each of us: a technology that brings a touch of sophistication even to everyday dishes.

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