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A sense of sudden harmony, restrained prosperity and quiet individuality.

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Walnut The essence of ancient and well-established nobility, a hard, strong and durable wood. Loop interprets its characteristics, seeking a dialogue between history, modernity and innovation in an attempt to create a unique and personal language. Passionate craftsmanship at the service of details, art and design in support of the authenticity of wood, industrial technology for lasting quality: these are the motifs that stimulate creativity and interpret the mood. This kitchen is characterized by articulated spaces, roomy storage lockers, pull-out shelves, equipped with solution compartments that stimulate creativity and make the kitchen functional in all its contents. Oak, cultured, resistant wood, the finest essence of oak, a tree with an imposing bearing, a symbol of virtue, strength and dignity. The chromatic hue, the warmth of the material, the fusion of natural colors are the features of this wood that the Loop collection uses to convey a refined aesthetic, rich in memory, to create tactile and visual sensations of spontaneous harmony, restrained richness and quiet individuality.

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