Icon kitchen

Design by Giuseppe Bavuso

Functionality and style, impeccable design and technical features in the kitchen.

About Icon

Icon, planned by Giuseppe Bavuso, has been made utilizing arrangements of extraordinary specialized esteem major areas of strength for and influence, completing components fit for adjusting the feeling of solace and giving the kitchen an understanding which isn’t just esthetic, yet additionally tactile.‎ The Air door has a ventilation channel in the covered edge and openings in the door’s inner panel.‎ Thanks to the channel fitted, the air entering the inside is cleaner.‎ Evolution, the expanding island or landmass table is a key thing in the Icon range.‎ Evolution can be customized in a large number of materials and gets done and is ideal as a tidbit top in shut rendition or as an eating table when open.‎ In Living Set the top has a sprinkle raiser to take the wiring of TVs, decoders, sound frameworks, etc.‎ Led lighting between the sprinkle raiser and the boiserie board enlightens the wall as well as gives ‘delicate’ lighting for the room.‎ Comprises boiserie boards which can be outfitted with racks and suspended cupboards of different sizes.‎

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