Glamour kitchen

A sparkling illustration of modern art.

About Glamour

The Glamour kitchen by Old Line is a vivid illustration of the modern craftsmanship and art of Italian cabinetmakers. The modern island, with rounded edges, is made of marble and wood, which are connected in the form of a countertop and insulated with a sloping line. The stone part of the island is a fully functional area, which houses the sink and receptacles for additional items on special stands. Under the subsequent part there is a recess for the feet, which allows you to use it as a place to eat. The island has fitted edges, a comb-style exterior and backlighting. A freestanding floor cabinet with blank fronts is provided for storage of utensils, small and huge kitchen machines. The floor unit’s pull-out and deep drawers, including the interior, are made of natural ash, assembled in the traditional way using dovetail joints, and the interior is divided with trays with different compartments. For tall cabinets, the interior drawers are made on request with an oak finish and contrasting dovetail joints.

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