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Space is all around us. The real problem is how to tame it. Domina is an opportunity to take control of everything. Domina is never ordinary, Domina is extraordinary.

About Domina

Bowing reality so it meets with your natural assumptions is what Aster configuration is all about.‎ This lies at the core of the new idea for Domina, Aster’s famous image, carrying another turn to this exceptionally fruitful model.‎ Aster is reviving natural structures: bended lines have been added with astonishing new impact, for a contemporary look, wonderful with our blend and match of structures and materials, in an impeccable equilibrium, making an agreeable mix of straight and bended lines, coordinating valuable woods with fine mechanical detailing.‎ The most recent variant of Domina, planned by modeler Lorenzo Granocchia, offers a totally different arrangement of opportunities for the Moderno mood.‎ With a play on contrary energies which brings into play various structures as well as even various completions: the bended base units add a unique feeling of development that is offset the direct corner wall units where the solid lines of the Olive wood graining appear to pursue each other in a ceaseless game.‎ The ledge in a solitary piece of matt white Corian impeccably coordinates the sparkle of the pounded steel backsplash.‎ With new more slender surfaces, various materials are consistently paired side to side, moving easily from worktops to the morning meal bar.‎ With regards to Aster’s temperaments reasoning, the most recent form of Domina can likewise be openly tweaked to assemble the different units, materials, and completions, so clients can dunk into the store pantry and take out a scope of fixings to truly concoct a storm.‎ For the recipe to progress all they need is an Inside guide on their side.‎

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