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About Diesel Get Together

The Diesel Get Together kitchen once again confirms the vital synergy between fashion and design as the expression of the finest excellence Made in Italy:the result of our partnership with the Diesel Living brand, this kitchen embodies the stylistic evolution of the best-selling Diesel Social Kitchen and becomes the place for sociability and domestic comfort par excellence. The concept revolves around blocks of colour and materials that bring together the kitchen and the living room, offering a seamless system affording the utmost customisation, thanks to a range of colours and textures with a strong styling impact. Packed with personality is the Titanium painted aluminium frame door is made with fused Soft Industrial Glass, along with the shelves. The bold design of Diesel Get Together is enhanced by three unprecedented handle types – one recessed and two bridge handles in Titanium finish – a host of industrial-look details, such as metallic elements and screws, as well as new worktops allowing endless combinations of materials to be achieved. The Misfits elements in painted metal (Chest, Bridge and Cart), constitute elements of style capable of bridging the gap between the kitchen and the living area.

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