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And the meaning of its eternity is strong in me. I have caged the passing of time, Nature's work of art in unique colors, new and never alike, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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Contempora explores new trends in life, translating them into an exploration of space, materials and their meaning for a new way of living. A kitchen that evolves from the concept of a pure home laboratory to the idea of a shared pastime that extends into the space of the home and stretches over time, which is not scanned but blurred between different everyday moments. Where cooking becomes a collective game, responding to the demands of contemporary sociality. In this way, the kitchen space becomes more and more an ‘open living space’, an area open to the most intense experience of life, where the role of design is to convey a passion for style and elegance and an exploration of the language of matter. This is how the kitchen is shaped, designed to welcome the warmth of wood, the authenticity of stone and marble, the artisanal taste of work hiding high technology. The essences of rosewood, olive or walnut become dynamic thanks to the light and dark grains processed on the surface and made even more expressive in their ability to return tactile and visual sensations, even olfactory ones. Contempora is the natural result of a love for the simplicity of gesture, as ancient as humanity is to food, food and relationships. It is a respect for purity, form and content, embodied in essential lines and tactile surfaces. It is surfaces, such as tables and countertops, that are the new protagonists of the space – it is where the process of creativity, or rather co-creation, is born to bring tastes and emotions to life. Intervening in the living area, the containers change their shapes, while the definition of details and finishes takes on an increasingly central role. Volumes become lighter, lines more precise and door geometries with 45° angles, the result of a search for technical and formal perfection combining strength and sensitivity, rigour and intimacy. The CONTEMPORA collection is a journey. A journey through time and places. A journey of the mind, a journey of the creative play of ideas, without barriers. A journey in the flow of time, hiding the meaning, the passion, the mystery behind each moment. Style, taste, color, matter. Contempora redefines the culture of the project. Each composition is born from a permeable generative path, ready to accept stylistic pollution, color, matter, on which the expressive character of the medium is layered.

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