Italian closets

Italian luxury closets

Every room, every corner of an apartment or house should have its own purpose, including closet space.

The functionality of Italian luxury closets is, virtually, unlimited. Even in the constrained environment of a small size apartment, Italian high-end closet system can be designed to fit into available dressing room space efficiently and elegant. Larger home spaces, that allocated for a walk-in closet, open up a wide range of opportunities for the design of luxury custom made closet furniture arranged to your unique style. Our design goal is to expand every possibility for everything in your custom closet to be accessible, easy to clean, functionable and cozy. European designers have spent decades and, through the years or research, developed a modular closet system by the implementing retractable racks, sections and shelves featured with lighting that can satisfy even most demanding taste of fashion as well as to fit a budget. Italian closet system, that are designed to the economy price range, are combinations of standard units with the surfaces made of combination with plastic, wood and mirrors as targeted to maintain a certain style to stay within a budget.  Our clients, who are looking for a step up from traditional California closet standard, will be offered a closet style intended for a luxury segment with the furniture made of higher-grade materials and a rare finishes subject of negotiation each induvial project requirements with our design team. High-end quality of Italian dressing rooms has been made to meet most demanding European standards and our goal is established to satisfy North American clients to the same or a higher degree of a quality standard.

Design luxury closet closets

Tailored luxury closets

Best luxury closets materialize the highest quality benchmark by state-of-the-art “made in Italy” mark. High-end Italian closet furniture stands out by its superior materials quality where traditional craftsmanship blend into the technology of the future. High modularity of the elements is skillfully combined with the wide range of finishes that enhances the design options and translates into variety of the lifestyle choices. Antares, Gemini, Virgo, Orion and Taurus are the five closets styles in our new collection, which can be featured with modern island units and portals. A wide variety of the design options is targeted to an elegance and your comfort.

Luxury closets collections

Antares Collection

The Antares collection with frame abutment impresses with the perfect combination of vertical and horizontal elements but also with the choice of a modern integrated lighting system. Ideal for particularly large rooms, it consists of an open frame that can be equipped with shelves, drawers, hanging tubes and pull-out accessories and servant.

To the open solution, without closures, favored by eclectic personalities, you can opt for a cabin with hinged doors and transform it into a closet with classic lines. The final composition is a surprising solution without time or barriers.

Gemini Collection

Elegance makes its entrance into the room with the perfectly equipped and functional closet. The protagonist is the technology that gives life to surprising furnishings without which we could not live.

Its prerogative is to be a step ahead thanks to an integrated, high-tech lighting system for an end result that knows how to enhance every detail. The widely versatile rack solution allows you to create the closet of your desires that combines the classic lines of the structure with the design of the latest generation components.

Virgo Collection

If you’re looking for a full-height cabin, you’re on the right track. The Virgo closet collection is the interior design trend that makes the most of space, from floor to ceiling. The system is structured on tubular aluminum uprights fixed to the wall or resting on the floor and directly on the ceiling by means of a spike.

The effect is that of a spacious and tidy booth like that of a star: an easily accessible place, divided by garments where different garments and outfits can be placed for every occasion. Versatile over time, it can also be placed in the middle of the room to divide the space.

Orion Collection

A willingness to look to the future gives birth to the Orion closet collection. Avant-garde design combines with craftsmanship for a project that delivers excitement. Equipped with a profile upright fixed to the wall with an internal metal rack to position accessories at the height you desire, the cabin does not rest on the ground but is suspended.

Its elegance is emphasized by the classic lines developed in height and enhanced by the finishes of the wooden components that match the aluminum elements, to be chosen from a wide range of colors.

Taurus Collection

The ability to look beyond makes the Taurus closet collection one of the must-haves in the interior environment. The search for order is the rule that becomes magic. It looks like an open cabinet but with a reduced depth. It consists of side panels (2.5 cm thick) and modules with standard heights and widths that allow you to customize your wardrobe by mixing and matching elements and finishes.Metal gray and Champagne are the shades of your choice for the aluminum components enhanced tone on tone or by the colors of your choice for the wooden elements, made from excellent raw materials.

DOORS for walk-in closets

The stuff of dreams comes true with high end closet doors. Specially designed to respect wardrobe order and different furnishing needs, they are divided into the choice of hinged, folding or sliding doors. Style and technology are revealed in the details of the different locking systems chosen according to aesthetics, comfort or intelligent use of space. In this solution they are presented with sliding doors with external tracks.

Tailored to ensure maximum customization, they are the result of painstaking design, made with quality raw materials and cutting-edge design.

Doors for walk-in closets

Doors 601

Doors for walk-in closets

Doors 602

Doors for walk-in closets

Doors 603

Doors for walk-in closets

Doors 604

Doors for walk-in closets

Doors 605