Ceramic Kitchens. 7 reasons to buy

Main advantages of ceramic kitchens

Ceramic kitchen cabinets

Ceramic kitchens look elegant and stylish, giving the interior refinement and sophistication. The material combines well with solid wood – this natural tandem can create a warm atmosphere at home, even in an ultra-fashionable kitchen with strict outlines. Ceramic fronts also harmonize well with metal or its analogues. Another pleasant surprise: glossy ceramic kitchen fronts do not leave any fingerprints. This guarantees a neat and tidy appearance of the furniture at all times and noticeably reduces the time for cleaning. In addition, an undeniable advantage of ceramic kitchens is the ability to use the same material and color on both the fronts and the countertop of your future kitchen.

High durability

Ceramic is resistant to mechanical stress and, unlike lacquer, it does not get chipped or scratched. Ceramic kitchens do not suffer from pets, which often scratch the surface with their claws, nor from the accidental dropping of large dishes, nor from damage with a knife.

Chemical resistance

The ceramic kitchen is perfectly resistant to chemical influences. An accidentally broken bottle of vinegar will not leave any visible marks. Use detergent sparingly when caring for your kitchen.

Easy care

No maintenance is required, since ceramic facades do not leave fingerprints or liquid stains on the surface.


Ceramics are resistant to temperature changes – can withstand both extreme cold and fire. As a result, the surface of the ceramic remains undamaged. The color of ceramics does not burn out and does not change over time. Ceramic kitchen is not affected by the sun’s rays.


Thanks to its dense structure it does not let dirt and does not allow bacteria to develop. It does not emit carbon monoxide when heated. It is environmentally friendly and made of natural components.

Original color solutions

The wide range of colors and textures of ceramics for kitchens allows you to decorate your interior in an original way. In addition to monochrome popular colors such as white, gray or black, you can use excellent imitations of natural marble, such as Carrara. The range also includes colors with an oxidized metal effect, which will give your kitchen an exclusive and industrial style.


The service life of ceramic kitchens reaches 100 years. By choosing a ceramic kitchen, you choose quality and reliability.

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