Scavolini - Italian kitchen cabinets

Scavolini means more than 1.000.000 kitchens sold and more than 50 years of successful development! A major company with a complex production process, making it possible to produce competitively-priced kitchens of the highest quality which satisfy the most diverse requirements of consumers in terms of aesthetics, functionality, safety and durability. With more than 50 years on the kitchen furniture market, Scavolini is one of the most advanced and most important manufacturing models in the Italian industry. For Scavolini, quality means using reliable and durable materials combined with a durable style so that the price of the product reflects its true value.
All Scavolini kitchens are delivered only assembled and made with the new generation of IDROLEB plates. Formaldehyde (or formalin) is the substance used to produce most glues and resins, which are in turn used to treat wood panels. Panels produced in this way can release into space formaldehyde molecules in significant quantities, which, in high concentrations, are harmful to human health. Since 2009, Scavolini has been using Idroleb Eco Panels for all its kitchens and many other products made from 100% recycled wood and with a lower formaldehyde emission rate than that required by the most rigorous Japanese standard F**** (Japan’s highest standard). This approach allows you to operate your kitchen for many years indoors without harming your health.