FM bottega d'Arte - Italian kitchen cabinets

The term Botega takes us back to the Italian Renaissance, characterized by the flowering of culture and art, a combination of creativity and personal development. To think of a factory as a workshop (Bottega in Italian), where individual solutions and innovative ideas are born and developed, helping us to incorporate our imagination, while staying in our time.

Every day we feel the beauty being born in our hands and we see it taking shape in front of us. We watch this process until we create a finished, functional, true object – this is our mission, chosen by us and which gives us great joy, the same emotions that we want to give to our clients. When we create a kitchen, a living room or a bedroom, we know that we are not just making furniture, we are creating objects that will influence the lives of people with whom these objects will stay for a long time.

All items must look flawless, both together and individually. We try to make everything look harmonious, so that one element does not overshadow the others and so that every detail is functional for the room or the whole house.
All these delicate moments distinguish the sloppy work from the creation of art, taste and elegance, characteristic of Made in Italy, for our factory and its employees. All this makes Botega a landmark around the world.