Ernestomeda - Italian kitchen cabinets

Ernestomeda is the first kitchen furniture factory to set the Made in Italy standard. Created by the Scavolini group in 1996, this brand of contemporary Italian design is dedicated to creating kitchens, including those for yachts and boats, planned as an integral part of the space in which they are installed, becoming a functional and practical component of the decor. Innovation, high-level planning and care in creation make the Ernestomeda brand ready to evolve constantly and to meet the different demands of customers and designers, with modified and tailor-made processes. Over time, there have been exceptionally fruitful collaborations, such as with the designer Giuseppe Bavuso, who later became head of the design organization, and the architect Zaha Hadid, who introduced a selected cutting-edge kitchen, the Z. Island. Made of Corianยฎ, this kitchen combines the creator’s exuberant imagination with the ability to make a real design, divided into two utilitarian units, with several special cabinets and an elongated and curved fire island. The floors are outfitted with gorgeous LCD screens where people communicate useful information, and can also be used to project and listen to DVDs and mp3 recordings. It’s a sensational endeavor, one of the best for which Ernestomeda and Zaha Hadid will remain in the Italian and global creative consciousness.

Ernestomeda: kitchens for homes, apartments and yachts
Starting from the desire to bring “Made in Italy” to the world, Ernestomeda works out every little detail of their kitchens so that they fit harmoniously into the space where they will be installed. Individual approach and refinement are provided by the stability of Scavolini Gathering, which allows the organization to supply products for home environments as well as for boats and yachts of extra class, where visibility and space rationalization are of paramount importance, as well as usefulness. Joint efforts with shipyards are ready to satisfy all aspects of the market, thanks to the various price ranges into which the products fit – regardless of whether they are designed.
Customer satisfaction also means satisfying our own interests: that is why Ernestomeda constantly puts quality, performance, commitment, development, productivity, thoroughness, well-being, morality, care for the climate and the unity of its employees and customers at the forefront. The different types of certifications assure the customer that the products are made properly, in reliable conditions for the workers and with as little use of resources as possible.

Kitchens that respect the environment and people
Ernestomeda kitchens comply with Leed Consistent (The Administration in Energy and Natural Plan), i.e. they have received global accreditation on the grounds that their creation takes place in a climate, even friendly, that is generally favorable. This means that the materials used have low emissions of volatile organic compounds such as benzene or formaldehyde, and are therefore not harmful to humans, and are also environmentally friendly. This is combined with the use of exclusively high quality raw materials, in accordance with the Idroleb Environmental Panel, which ensures the sustainable use of wood.
In confirmation of this, Giuseppe Bavuso has designed the Air door in Icon project kitchens, which has a ventilation panel hidden in the door, able to replace stale air in the cabinets, to better preserve food.
In addition, through various safety measures, the company created Ernestomeda Safety Oven Switch Off, a device for concealed ovens that alerts cooks to excessive power by sounding an alarm and turning off the oven itself for safety.
The Obliqua kitchen, from the range of the same name, gets its name from the shape of the entryways and countertops. Careful and fundamental, this climate is divided into different volumes, between the island and the table, but they are nicely coordinated. The materials used – all of the highest quality – include wood from old railroad ties, which give the surface a completely unique touch. The huge tabletop and furniture make Obliqua extremely useful and easy to access at any point.