Book a Showroom Appointment

We believe that the best way to choose a new kitchen starts with viewing show samples and consulting with a professional kitchen designer. You can do this in our showrooms by signing up in advance for a free consultation!
Pre-booking guarantees you a free designer at your appointment time.

Where do we start in designing a kitchen?

There are a few things you can think about before you even meet with a designer. Facts tell us that the best kitchens come into being when the homeowner knows what he wants and can communicate his vision to the designer. The kitchen is shaped by many factors: the size and features of the room, the variety of appliances, the requirements of ergonomics and communications, the family’s lifestyle and preferences.
And so if you already have a rough idea of what your future kitchen should look like, you can look through all the models presented on this page, and then tell the designer which model you liked most and what elements you need. Also, by scrolling through all the images of the kitchen cabinets, you may find interesting color combinations.
Don’t forget to take the dimensions of your kitchen and take some photos on your phone or make a video so the designer has a complete picture of your space.
Think a little bit about functionality! Making your kitchen look beautiful is one thing, but making it functional is another. Imagine what you would like to do in your new kitchen and how you would prefer to use it. Before you start designing, you need to know what kind of built-in appliances you want to use in your kitchen.