Secure your peace of mind for a full five years

5 year warranty

When you buy the products of manufacturers companies represented on our website, you get a guaranteed customer support, which will not only protect your kitchen or living room, but will provide free time and peace of mind for a full 5 years. This project provides for the extension of our customers factory warranty for up to 5 years (60 months).
The factory warranty is subject to the terms and conditions set out below and includes a warranty on kitchen and living room furniture for manufacturing defects only. Such defects must be reported on a mandatory basis during the warranty period, counting down from 24.00 on the day on which the kitchen/living room leaves the warehouses of the manufacturing companies for shipment to the final consumer. After the aforementioned 5 years (60 months), this warranty expires.


This factory warranty applies only and exclusively to the consumer – the first purchaser of the kitchen and therefore cannot be transferred to others, including if the kitchen/living room furniture is transferred to them.

The warranty is deemed to be valid if the following conditions are met:

  • the kitchen or living room has been used for domestic rather than professional use and, in addition, has been installed in the interior of residential buildings;
  • the above mentioned spaces must meet minimum hygienic requirements in order to be considered habitable (for example, the humidity must be 40-60%);
  • the installation of the kitchen or living room has been correctly carried out by suitably qualified personnel;
    the kitchen or living room has been maintained in the manner described in the operating and maintenance instructions supplied with the appliance and suitable cleaning products have been used for cleaning;
  • the kitchen or living room has not been neglected and/or negligent and has been used in an appropriate manner;
    The kitchen or living room has not been tampered with;
  • the defect was not the result of normal wear and tear and there are no cuts, scratches or damage caused by impact;
  • the defect was not the result of natural disasters or emergencies.

This warranty does not apply to items that are not kitchen furniture (e.g. electrical appliances and faucets). Also excluded from this warranty are kitchen furniture or components thereof for which an in-house manufacturer’s warranty has already been provided. Any claim for goods not covered by this warranty must be made directly to the manufacturer in the manner specified by the manufacturers themselves.

Although the kitchen/living room is manufactured to high quality standards, possible manufacturing defects cannot be ruled out. In the event of notification of a manufacturing defect discovered by the consumer, the manufacturer undertakes to ship from his warehouse (FCA, as amended by incoterms 2021) to the end consumer of the goods a component (or part thereof) for warranty replacement, or to have that component repaired. All other possible costs, such as shipping, customs clearance, and the cost of replacement and installation are borne directly by the consumer of the goods. The choice between replacement or repair shall be made in full and unconditional autonomy and discretion on the part of the manufacturer;
similarly in full and unconditional autonomy and discretion for the manufacturer’s company will be the recognition or non-recognition as to the existing manufacturing defect. In the event that replacement material is not available under warranty due to the discontinuance of the product purchased by the consumer, or due to out of stock, materials of other products, of the manufacturer’s choice, will be used-supplied;
such materials will thus be different from the materials of the goods in the possession of the consumer, but at a cost identical to the goods with the acknowledged defects. Replacement or repair will not constitute grounds for extension of this warranty, which will in any case expire after 5 years (60 months), counting backwards from 24.00 on the day on which the kitchen/living room leaves the manufacturer’s stores. In the event of a manufacturing defect, the only right that the consumer may exercise against the manufacturer/seller, subject to the stipulated conditions, is the right to have the faulty element replaced and/or repaired, excluding all possible claims for damages, costs, etc.

If a manufacturing defect has been detected and less than 5 years (60 months) have passed since you purchased your kitchen/living room, you must use the complaint form below.